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pont-leveque Pont l'Evêque AOP Pont l'Evêque AOP

PDO-certified Pont-l'Evêque

The square cheese with all of its curves

Created by Cistercian monks, it became the most famous cheese of the kingdom in the 15th century. Under its yellow washed rind, its blonde, soft texture. Styled without being strong on the palate, it has a subtle flavour and a slight taste of hazelnut and butter.

This cheese is available in 1,4kg, 360g, 220g and 180g sizes.

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Protected Designation

Of Origin of Normandy

PDO Pont-l’Evêque is a protected designation of origin in Normandy. Like all PDOs, it is associated with a precisely defined territory, a specific raw material and a specific know-how. We cannot produce PDOs elsewhere than in the defined area.

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Norman cheeses go perfectly well with many French food and wine gastronomy. Our cheesmakers recommend to you some indulgent cheese alliances.


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Our Graindorge PDO Pont-l’Eveque cheese is washed several times during the maturing process. This develops all of its most subtle of flavours and really emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of our terroir. Pont l’Eveque is then sorted after maturing for ten days. Each cheese passes our capable sorting machines, which monitor the quality and maturity of the cheese to ensure that consumers are guaranteed a PDO Pont-l’Eveque cheese of real exception.