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Our cheese specialties

Graindorge cheese dairy has developed recipes to showcase its know-how and all the tastes of the Norman land, so as to offer a maximum of gourmet choices. Cheeses made from raw milk and Calvados have made up the Norman cheese platter.

Auge Valley Crème fraîche

Your best friend to have in the kitchen

Rich and smooth, crème fraîche lives up to its image without losing its character and taste. Sweet or savoury, cold or hot, it will enhance all your meals.

Cream formats are 75cl, 50cl and 20cl.

Pavé d’Auge

A traditional Norman speciality

A cousin to PDO Pont l’Evêque, it is an authentic, traditional cheese. Pavé d’Auge is soft to the heart after four weeks of ripening in a cellar.

This cheese is available in 300g and 500g sizes.

Brie with raw milk

The best of raw milk cheeses

Like its cousins from the family flowered crusts, this cheese has a thin white crust guaranteeing a mouth-watering melting texture that delivers all the subtlety of raw milk.

This cheese is available in 1kg and 500g sizes.

Normanville with raw milk

This is a big Normandy terroir cheese

The raw milk from Norman cows gives this cheese an elegant taste and farm-like tradition.

This cheese is available in a size of 1kg.

Coulommiers with raw milk

A trip from West to East

Coulommiers is one of the great cheeses of France. Bigger than its cousin the PDO Normandy Camembert, the texture of the Coulommiers is smooth and creamy. With a delicately woody taste, generous cheese will delight the whole family.

This cheese is available in 360g.

Petit Camembert with raw milk

The family choice

A little brother to Normandy Camembert, it too is made from raw milk. It is a cheese full of finesse and undergrowth aromas.

This cheese is available in a size of 150g.

Camembert au calvados

Camembert with Calvados

The Double Norman Special!

Camembert with Calvados or better known as “Camembert au Calvados” is a typically Norman speciality, which delicately unites creamy camembert with the sweetness of apple. This makes for a perfect match of two Norman expertise.

This cheese is available in 250g and 150g sizes.

Grain d’Orge refined with Calvados

A sacred charm!

The Grain d’Orge refined with Calvados is a rind-washed smooth texture cheese, a cousin of PDO Livarot. Its uniqueness is its “soaking” in the much flavoured liquid that is Calvados. Distinctive and fruity, this is a real Norman gem of a cheese

This cheese is available in 250g.

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